Common Questions For Tenants

What are your office hours and address?

We are open Monday-Friday, by appointment, closed on major holidays. We are located at 18222 Smokey Point BLVD, Mt. Vernon, WA 98273. You may also use our online form to contact us.

How do I pay my rent?
You may pay your rent at our office through our drop box at our front door, you may mail it to our office (must be post-office post-marked by the 3rd of the month), or you may sign up for your own online account. Please see below.

How does my own online account work?
Please email us at with your 1) name 2) address 3) email address. We will send you a link from a “do not reply” email address. This link will get you into our online accounting system. Once you set your account, you can: 1) pay your rent online to us 2) submit service requests 3) view your account and print statements 4) view copies of your rental agreement

When is rent due?
Rent is due on the 1st day of each month, with a grace period through the 5th. You will be assessed late fees, and posted with a “3-day pay or vacate” notice if rent is not received on or before the 5th of the month.

What do I do if I need a repair done on my rental home?
All repair requests must be submitted to the office in writing. You can also do so through our website or your online account. Please provide as much detail as possible and understand that not all requests will be granted. If it is an after-hours emergency, please call 800-867-6053

What is considered an after-hours emergency?
After-hours emergencies are items such as 1) No Heat in your entire home, 2) No Hot Water, 3) Severe Water Leaks (such as water leaking even after the main water valve of house is turned off, or cannot be controlled by the water shut-off at the source), etc.

Lock-outs, no heat in one room, regular water leaks that can be controlled by the water shut-off at the source, etc. are NOT considered emergencies.

Do I need to get Renter’s insurance?
Per your rental agreement you are required to carry rental insurance for your belongings. In general, the insurance policy of the landlord will not cover your items in the event of theft or natural disaster. Please contact your insurance agent for details. You are required to provide proof of renter’s insurance to our office, which you may email to us at, or fax to 360-982-2918.

How much notice is a tenant required to give before moving out?
You are required to give written notice of terminating your tenancy a minimum of 20 days before the end of the month in which you will be vacating. (For example, if you will be moving out by October 31st, you must provide us with written notice on or before October 11th). Please note the number of days in the month in which you are planning to vacate, pay close attention to February, as this is the shortest month of the year. Notice to vacate must be in writing, no verbal notices will be accepted, no exceptions. You are still required to pay rent after giving or receiving a notice. Mid-month move outs will not be accepted.

What happens after I give written notice to vacate?
You will receive either an email or letter acknowledging your move out notice. You may find a copy of a general cleaning checklist on our website. (This list serves as reference only. You could still be charged for cleaning/damages to items not stated on this list).

As a reminder, Carpet Cleaning and Lock Re-Keying will be completed by the Landlord and deducted from your deposit.

Please note, once we have received your written notice to vacate, the house will be re-listed for rent and will be shown by appointment to new, prospective tenants.

Is there a moving out cleaning checklist?
Yes! You can find a printable PDF checklist on our forms page.